Alain Kebe

Toronto, Ontario

I'm the type of guy that gets bored easily. Work, living, and experiencing. Which ever one of the three it is I will take any day over an excess of leisure time.

I'm originaly from Ottawa and moved to Toronto to attend fashion business school and for work. That being said, I don't want what I do for a living to solely identify me and what I'm all about. In fact, being in my mid 20's (24 going on 25 to be more exact) I may have an idea of who I want to become and where I want to be, but... I'm still having way too much fun trying to figure it out. Sometimes I view aging as a curse from a vanity stand point but the majority of the time, I see it more as a blessing because my experiences and mistakes fundemetally shape me.

Please take a look around my landing page. Specially at the apps and links I've attached below. They are there for you to creep! They will also help you guys pin point certain interesting facts about myself.

  • Work
    • Banana republic
  • Education
    • Humber College