Alain D Baillon

I was born and raised in the Seychelles Islands in a culture of very mixed nationalities. My first sights of life were beautiful palm fringed beaches, olive skinned women, balmy nights and strange rites and rituals. It was these rituals and ceremonies – like a medicine man giving a healing, the Chinaman dispensing herbs, coloured ladies in costumes performing tribal dances – that stayed in my mind. Their magic and depth of understanding. It seemed so profound, so magical. A new life in Australia, high school over, and off travelling to find me – my truth. Met many interesting people, learned much about life and love. Made some worthwhile mistakes. Planted a couple of trees. Became a dad. Figured out the power of humility. My journey then took me on to gain greater knowledge of the various types of Meditation. I practised Yoga, Spiritual Healing and was attuned to Reiki Master. Past lives were challenging to learn but Psychometry was fun and demanded strong discipline. Was guided to be a Palm Reader and to read the Cards too. Then came an understanding of Astrology and Numerology. Did an array of classes on personal development, read many a book, studied counselling and attended dozens of lectures. In 1986 my spirit called me to pursue a life as a professional Psychic reader. I believe I have something to share. Now based in Cairns, I read for numerous overseas clientele and regularly visit southern cities to further my experience in this - what I call my passion. It is through my Readings and Classes that I am most at Home.

If you are interested in a reading or healing feel free to email me now. I do readings over the phone for those who want more privacy or are not living in the Cairns area. I also offer psychic development training for those interested in developing this skill themselves.

Hugs Alain