Alaina Grimm

Northern Virginia

Oh, gee, you want to know about me? Ok, so my name is Alaina Grimm and like many others in this world I am an aspiring author. This means that I want to be published one day, to see my name on the cover of a paperback or even a hardback book. I know I am not alone out there, after all there are groups focused on this grand aspiration. The members (myself included among them) are made up of individuals who dream and wish and want to become published authors.

So, as I begin this endeavor, I have to wonder – how do I do it? How do I, or any of us, go from renegade writers in our off hours, to one of those published paragons we wish to become? This blog is dedicated to tracking that attempt through the worries, the woes, the drafts, the critiques, the co-occurring editorial process, and the almost certain refusals from agents.

The Genre: Fantasy

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    • MBA