Alain Arango

Houston TX

I describe myself as an individual learning to be a part of a whole. I would say I am an old mystic soul with a passion for life, art, romance, curiosity, service, wellness & most of all BEAUTY. I am constantly learning which in turn causes me to smile, breathe, and finaly let go of inhibiting habits and hang-ups. I am a big advocate of self love, prayer, wellness, and personal growth. I enjoy sharing my passion for knoweledge, I have a fascination for hearing peoples story. I believe everyone/thing here on Earth has a story to share. I tell everyone I am in the People Business, the business of service, the business of listening, the business of offering others my whole heart. With a couple of licenses and extensive education/ training under my belt I can say I LOVE what I do, after all its my passion. I have 7 yrs of experience in the beauty & wellness Industry; Massage Therapy, Esthetics, & Cosmetology. I was also a Flight Attendant ( Continental Airlines CLASS 08/02) for 1 year of my life. Wow was that a life lesson, I tell everyone I know being a flight Attendant is a MUST for anyones bucket list! On my spare time, I enjoy yoga, meditation, and reading lots of selp help, new age, metaphysics, and religious books, I also enjoy all things interior design, cooking/baking, make-up/hair, & fashion. I was born and raised in Miami, FL, offspring of two unique Cuban parents. I currently Eat, Pray, Love in Houston and enjoy the citizens of TEXAS (The Country, lol) very much. I have also had the pleasure of living in Ft. Myers, FL as well as living on an island (Pine Island, FL) for about 3 years of my life. My plans for the future are very simple..... Enjoying being able to See, Breathe, Hear, Touch, Taste & Smell.

  • Work
    • Paul Mitchell The School Houston
  • Education
    • Miami-Dade Community College
    • Florida Academy of Massage & Skincare
    • Paul MItchell the school Houston