Alain St Pierre

North Vancouver, BC

Alain is the founder of ASP Canada, a technology firm that helps companies and individuals build online social communities, automate core business systems, analyze data and provide lead generation opportunities. His company consults with large finance firms, like TD Ameritrade, and he is the lead Data Architect at Investools.

Alain's passion however, is to teach fellow Canadians how to invest in mortgages using their RRSP's (a little known secret that the banks DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW). He's now become the defacto "Arm's Length Mortgage" guy, as Ranked #1 on Google on his finance blog, Mr. Arm's Length Mortgage.

"I have experience in putting together RRSP mortgages and other creative financing strategies."

Mr. St. Pierre is a firm believer in wealth creation by investing in Real Estate in high growth regions of Western Canada. His love for Real Estate began in 2007 when he bought his first property and refinanced it two years later to pay off his student loans AND bought out his joint venture partner. After seeing the potential for profit opportunities in Real Estate, he joined the Real Estate Investment Network. Now, Alain holds properties in positive cash flow positions using the 'buy and hold' strategy.

"I currently own 5 'doors' across Western Canada and continue to add to my personal real estate portfolio."

For more information about Alain's Real Estate ventures, please visit ASP Canada | Real Estate Group.