Alain Templeman

Utah businessman Alain Templeman possesses expertise in marrying traditional needs with online solutions, particularly in the executive recruitment and personal-finance arenas. The entrepreneur has invested in the biotechnology sector, served as a premier distributor in the beverage industry, and founded and successfully grown several startups. Skilled in design, marketing, training, and operations, Alain Templeman currently manages a software company he founded and acts as President and CEO of online recruiting firm Alain Templeman’s software firm, mPowering Networks, produces and markets private-label personal finance management (PFM) solutions for financial institutions and individuals. Employing data security utilized by the majority of top banks in the U.S. and verified by TRUSTe and Comodo Group, Inc., mPowering Networks provides patent-pending business-logic software that creates realistic budgets, current spending and investments assessments, and text message and email alerts of changes in users’ finances. The PFM program also offers objective advice to improve clients’ financial futures. As founder, Alain Templeman oversees all operations of mPowering Networks. At, Alain Templeman directs operations for the global network, connecting employers with excellent recruiters. A vendor-management tool charging no membership or setup fees, the dotcom allows employers to pair up with the best recruiters to fill their positions with the right people the first time around, thus saving time and money. Recruiters also benefit by eliminating the time and expense of making unsolicited calls on employers. On Alain Templeman’s watch, the company has grown to approximately 10,000 registered recruiters and employers. In previous professional pursuits, Alain Templeman became one of the first premier distributors of health drink XanGo. A graduate of Brigham Young University, where he completed a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, he remains active in his leisure time. Alain Templeman plays baseball, engages in mountain biking, and run marathons. In other endeavors, he serves The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and assists The American National Red Cross. In addition, Alain Templeman supports Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.