Alaisha Nassar

I am Alaisha. I am 17 years old my birthday is in May. I live in the U.S. but my family is from Saudi. I live with my mom, dad, brother, and pets. We speak a rare dialect and usually it is altered from our culture. Me and my mom are Christian while my dad is Muslim. But none of us are too religious.

What I tweet on my twitter is supposed to be strange (sometimes) unless it is serious. Not everyone who speaks "Arabic" will be able to understand my speech from my dialect- but mostly you will get the jist.

I love music (middle eastern to rock/oldies to EDM from the radio), food (mexican & arab), animals (cats, dogs, birds, mice), Earth, Praying, Shopping, and Current Events. I am for equality and peace for ALL. (: Be happy, loves.