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Alakesh Barua

--- A wise man appreciates the time on a cheap watch --- (teardrop)

Well... to be frank, I am not that wise. If I see a man looking at a cheap watch for time, I'll probably think that he is poor.

Hey, don't blame me, I am a Homo Sapien too.

Me, myself & I look forward for the most ludicrous things, items, etc etc. that can ever present itself on the face of this planet. I am a tech geek, and gearhead. Mostly I am interested in "anything" that runs on Faraday's discovery.

May be you are wondering where I am going with this stupid piece of biography???

The answer to your question is --- nowhere. I just wrote this piece of 5h1T to test the new site where I am regestering. And after reading the above line, if u nerds think that you have wasted 80 seconds of your precious time, than you are very much welcome to FCUK FOF!!!

Alons-y fellas--- I am an active supporter of "Stop SOPA" , and Piracy. Also I have a dog whose name is "pommie" and I love him. I love eating junk food, and i am a couch potato. I love playing games (PC) and I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Sciences. I am not a virgin, but I am single. I hate Bieber and Twilight. I also happen to own a guitar.

So long visitors........

Oh and one more thing... I am MALE!!!