Anjum Alam


I am from a non-descript village in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh. Like most of the rural population, my childhood was spent more in the fields than in classes. Village life throughout India have same characteristic and most striking is that in village we live as an extended family, with restricted movement. No doubt, as a villager I was deprived of many facilities – what is basic in cities, but privileges in rural area. But, I also have had the advantage of seeing and experiencing Bharat. I learned to live in ‘commune’ of sort, sharing, learning, comprising and co-operating. Being a farmer, economically we have limited resources. Moreover, in villages people accept most of things as their fate.
I am a person who believes in the philosophy that everything which exists in this world has a reason therefore human being is the most precious creation of this universe with certain reasons . I am nothing in front of universe but certainly, I am always eager to explore this earth for knowing more of this, to meet different people and learn from other Positive Souls of this universe.
I have deep faith in freedom (freedom from various types of slavery). That’s why The things, I do in my life, gives me strength to live for the next moment otherwise I don’t turn up for that. I am extremely sorry for being little bit selfish here. I do not live up to other’s expectation. Even I do not expect to others to live up for mine. I love to enjoy each and every moment in which I live with meaningful results. I never think of hurting anyone by my words and deeds except he/she takes things in a wrong way that’s why I am responsible what I say but not what people understand by my words....
My mission is to make realized rural youth their potential by unleashing their skills and potential to enable them to earn their livelihood for dignified lives therefore my dedication towards the passion allows me to travel all over the world teaching rural youth how they can change their lives with little efforts in a right direction so that their smile on faces bring hope for the millions. Ultimately I am working to Build an Empire with pure love and affection and creating a better world for the fellow citizens to access their entitles with dignity..

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    • Nantional Institute Of Rural Development