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The gallery predominantly features Malaysian artists and those who have made Malaysia their home. The eclectic range of work available has made it a regular stop for both novice and serious collectors. Aside from holding its own exhibitions, the gallery is regularly asked to perticipate in exhibitions and crafts fairs around the country. In 2007, at the invitation of tourism Malaysia, Alam Arts and Crafts brought paintings of Malaysian landscapes to Singapore. More importantly, the gallery is the only place where the work of Meriam Omar can be obtained. This self-taught artist dabbled in a range artistic endeavours for over 20 years before finding her true calling in painting. Her subjects range from flowers to kampung scenes, all painted in vibrant hues. She is best known for her "Wild Grass" and "Padi" series, they have made their way into the Bank Negara and Wisma Putra collections.