Tiger Rice Cooker

I feel so disappointed about this rice cooker. I bough thisone based on the good rating and made in Japan. I will not recommender peoplebuy this one.

Making flawless rice in Tiger is simplicity itself. Measurerice and water into the bowl, put the bowl into the machine, close the top,plug it in, push the one switch down.

Granted, none of them cost more than $30, but if we bought ahigher quality rice cooker like this one, we would've saved money andfrustration in the long run. The dimpled rice spatula keeps rice from stickingonto it.

Water spewing out of the air vent both times I used it! Thesecond time I used it, I cooked a lesser amount of rice and decreased theamount of water. My last rice cooker was also a Tiger Brand, made in Japan, andit lasted nearly 10 years without any problems.

I bought this rice cooker almost four years ago and have hadnot a single problem with it. My mother in law was very impressed by my ricebecause of this cooker.

This is my second Tiger Rice cooker, I used the first over20 yrs, the vent and vessel wore out, I was going to just replace those itemsbut was about the same to purchase a new cooker, the new cooker works betterthan the older one, not sure if it's because the new cooker has been redesignedor because the other was worn out. either way, I'm very happy with the newcooker and use it every day.

Always used the tiger brand rice cooker in the past andnever had trouble with anything. Only downfall was I got this particular one tomatch my other black and stainless steel, but the rice cooker was more of agray tint than black.

I researched extensively before choosing this rice maker,and am quite content with it. I would put a bit less water in than instructionssay, but that's something everyone toys with when they cook.

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