Alan Eason

Purcellville, Virginia

DISCLAIMER: The things I post online are not reflective of where I work, or of any place I have worked. They are also not reflective of any school I have attended or taught in. (They would ALL probably disown me). My opinions are my own. As something of a journalist, I am not supposed to have opinions, or at least let them show. Well I do and I do! What you see is what you get. __________________________________________________________ I am a person intensely interested in writing and publishing online and in other media. A storyteller. A photographer and visual media person. A family man who is crazy about his wife and son. A Tennessean for life, no matter where I am at the time. A poet. An essayist at heart (some would say a bit pedantic - maybe so). A marketer. Loves the world of commerce as well as the world of common people. A great deal of my life focus was on spreading the message and hope of Christ in different parts of the world, especially in Eastern Europe. I began work as a missionary apprentice based in Vienna, Austria and traveling in then-communist countries in 1971, upon graduation from a Bible Institute in Denver, Colorado. Though totally involved in business and online commerce, I am still essentially committed to sharing the amazing news first announced through the Jewish prophets and later through the apostles in the New Testament church that the Messiah has come and brought redemption and triumphant hope to this tired world. I am more convinced than ever that this is what life is really all about.

  • Work
    • Breakpoint and Colson Center
  • Education
    • Oak Ridge High School
    • University of Tennessee (Memphis)
    • Goethe Institute
    • Bible Institute of Denver
    • Georgetown University