Alan Haft

Artist, Designer, and Consultant in Irvine, California

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A native of New York now residing in California, Alan Haft is a nationally recognized personal financial advisor and planner who has tirelessly and selflessly assisted clients in becoming educated managers of their wealth and finances. Teaching people how to rebalance their often tricky portfolios in the most cost-effective and sustainable ways, Alan Haft is a frequent financial commentator who has presented his impressive ideas on finance and investing on the Fox News network while making constant appearances in a wide range of print, radio and television media including Money Magazine, CNBC, BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, Smart Money and plenty of others.

Alan Haft is credited with having worked on several major articles published for the highly prestigious American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). He is a talented writer who has produced two major books entitled The Haft of It and the Amazon top 10 bestseller in the business category, You Can Never Be Too Rich. Alan’s columns cover a diverse, wide range of financial subjects and have appeared in major newspapers around the country. Mr. Hart has conducted hundreds of highly informative yet simple-to-understand presentations on a wide range of topics. His well-attended presentations have been enjoyed by audiences in different venues ranging from small, local investment clubs to universities, large conventions and even at elite venues such asDonald Trump’s private Mara Largo Resort.

Alan Haft was also partners with Oscar-nominated actor James Woods in a media company called Breakheart Films located right at the Universal Studios back lot. Haft served as the President of Day Software Corporation, which is a multinational technology firm. Alan was instrumental in ensuring that the Swiss technology company was successful in the IPO that raised $125 million on the Swiss stock exchange and that was sold in 2010 to Adobe Corporation for a whopping $240 million.