Alan Ingram

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I have deliberately few links on this page; I don't do Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or any of their kind.

- I don't want you to read though what should be private messages between me and my mates; I would rather friends were a part of my life, not social-voyeurs. Nor do I expect to have to subscribe to a constant dribble of drivel from everyone I have ever virtually befriended just to find out what you have done, are doing or are planning to do; so please take the time to send me your news or invitations on a personal level.

-I don’t expect the world to care what I have to “Tweet”; if I have something to say that I think you will want to hear, I will tell you personally.

- I don’t want you to falsely feel connected to my life through poorly selected photographs that make every event look amateur; I would rather show you the highlights with the necessary narration that makes them come alive and be relevant.

So, with that in mind, if someone wants to get in touch with me, I would encourage you to write me an eMail, pick up the phone or come and see me.