Alan Ostrovksi

Alan Ostrovski will graduate Rochester Institute of Technology in 2016. In RIT Alan selected Applied Science and Technology College.

One of the major reasons Alan Ostrovski selected this college because this college leads in preparing students to meet the immediate and future needs of industry, applying research to address significant engineering challenges, and accelerating economic growth.

Alan is delighted to study in the nation’s premier carrier-oriented college. Alan is hoping to be immediately valuable contributor to his potential employer. Alan Ostrovski major is Mechanical Engineering Technology. Alan’s goal is to prepare himself for professional employment in the fields of product design, development, and manufacturing.

The program Alan Ostrovski selected is designed to provide the skills necessary for applying emerging manufacturing technologies and a cooperative education program Alan participated enhances these skills by allowing him to gain valuable experience working in the manufacturing industries.

Throughout the academic program Alan Ostrovski got, a significant amount of hands-on laboratory experience in manufacturing is provided and studied a lot of valuable and useful subjects such as Statics/ Strength of Materials, Stress, strain, shear force analysis. Alan has good understanding of solid modeling and design. Alan has hands on knowledge of CAD, Solid Works and Autodesk Inventor applications. Alan is also proficient with the finite Element Analysis (FEA) analysis and many more other related to his profession subjects.

Alan Ostrovski was twice on the dean list he has strong analytical conceptual, communication and organizational skills.