Alan Rubin

Courier Services and Medical Transport Division in Oneonta, New York

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AlanRubin and David Freed the founders of A&D Transport Services Inc., began inthe transport business in 1994 with a transport business primarily focused onfood delivery encompassing all types of restaurants. The business grew to delivery from florists,video stores, grocery stores and just about anything our customer'sdesired. Essentially, we were a taxiservice for items. We soon realized thatour area lacked a quality taxi and transportation service of the traditionalvariety. We became a safe ride option to prevent DWI, provide transportation toall airports including Albany, Syracuse, Binghamton, JFK, Laguardia or Newarkand began to assess our demographic to see where A&D can be ofservice. A&D Transport began thismission in 1996. We quickly realized that not only standard taxi and cab servicewas needed along with airport transportation, but the need for non-emergentmedical transport was tremendous.

Owner Name -

Alan Rubin/David Freed


83 Lower River St

Oneonta, New York 13820





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Year Founded - 1994

Operating Hours - 24 hours

# of Employees - 22