Alan Moore

Advisor business transformation, author, DO Design in England, United Kingdom

Alan Moore

Advisor business transformation, author, DO Design in England, United Kingdom

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I change the way people understand and think about our world, then how their business can thrive in that world. Then I help create and design unique and outstanding customer experiences that deliver high yield commercial returns. In essence I craft beautiful businesses.

I am particularly valuable when working with organisations who are at a critical inflection point, when they are paying close attention to transformation, change, and disruption. Or need to communicate that to their stakeholders in a credible way.

I have worked with many leading businesses on six continents, in the form of advising, board positions, teaching, workshops and invitational speaking.

It is my unique creative capacity to work alongside companies who need my skills and knowledge to help them transform what they do and how they translate that into the bottom line that is so valuable to them. I offer all my clients a viable and credible creative vision of how their business can look like. With a proven track record of seeing undiscovered potential and realising it.

I am the author of Communities Dominate Brands: business and marketing challenges for the 21st Century (2005), No Straight Lines: making sense of our nonlinear world (2011), Do Design Why beauty is key to everything (2016).

Engaging with me is worthwhile to:

[1] Understand how designing for the optimum customer experience as a philosophy and as a practice translates into commercial success.

[2] Learn to see opportunities that emergent technologies can bring.

[3] Discover approaches to commercial success that previously would have been unseen and unexplored.

[4] Access a viable and credible vision for the future.

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