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Greater Vancouver Area

Q Soup Solutions Inc.—Who We Are!
Q Soup is an Affiliate Marketing company providing consulting and marketing services to clients wishing to employ unique solutions geared to retention and growth of customer base and sales; including identifying value-added products, upselling and promotional options. Q Soup Associates and Consultants provide high level analysis and modeling of client-customer interactive needs and core issues while conducting independent surveys and market research in aid of developing quantifiable strategic plans.

Utilizing our Brain Trust / Think Tank through analytics and our exploration of leadership goals and objectives we devise a unique solution set—specifically for you, your market, and your customers.

Innovative solution sets are driven by creative implementation of technology, marketing through business and social networks and promotion through seminars, affiliate marketing and web or mobile resources. Marketing and sales overrides compensate for new customer acquisition or products and services sold through Q Soup marketing structures.

We have a core group of intellectual and specialized partners with dynamic gifts and abilities.
We specialize in the following:
 Marketing (all types and aspects)
 Analytics
o Identify the needs, strengths and wants of client
o Identify the key needs and wants of the market
 Break that into the types of key motivators (fear of loss, desire for gain, desire to be part of the “in” group or crowd)
 Defining a unique set of solutions and determining best implementation methodology
 Utilize proprietary Dynamic Decision Simulators (developed in house) to ‘model or simulate’ what the effects of decisions will likely be
 Develop a Solution Set designed specifically for You, our client
 Create a unique and You specific Action Plan
 Where appropriate, design and implement technology solutions for you and for your customers
 We use education of the market as a significant part of our go to market and sales strategy
 We then execute the plan on your behalf
 This may include
o Targeted advertising plans (newspaper, radio, TV, magazines, blogging, social media, web site development, videos etc.)
o Public workshops and seminars
o Public Relations Campaigns
o Networking to develop relationships in identified key markets
o Creating affil

  • Education
    • Christian Leadership Degree