Alan Winslow

Brooklyn, New York

Alan Winslow is a travel and adventure photographer based out of Brooklyn, New York. His work is regularly featured on the Leica Blog and has appeared internationally in ELLE China, Adventure Cycling Magazine, Pro Photographer New Zealand, and PDU edu. He enjoys teaching and has lectured at numerous Universities and taught at the Maine Media Workshops and College. Alan has spent the past six years alternating between freelance work and long-term projects with Restless Collective, which have taken him halfway around the world by bicycle, and all the way around the United States twice (once by bicycle, once by car-camper).

Restless Collective is a small multimedia collective aimed at producing large-scale documentary photography projects centered around travel. Their most recent project, The Geography of Youth is a three-year, grant-funded participatory public art project documenting what life is like for the Millennial generation around the world.

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