Alan Cox

If you’re a small business owner and you find marketing stressful, you aren’t alone. There’s a good chance you have so many different hats to wear in the business that you simply don’t have the time.

It's also possible that you have thought you can’t afford to outsource the marketing. You may feel that you don't have the expertise needed to produce your own video clip, create a website landing page or produce enough blog posts to keep Google happy.

That’s where Show and Tell Marketing comes in. We take all of these jobs off your hands. Best of all we don’t need to be in constant contact with you to get the job done. We do 93% of the work. Once we have been briefed on your business (that’s your 7% of the work), we’ll conduct our own research and be up and running producing impressive material that gets results in no time.

Want to know more? Send Alan an email of give him a call on 0414 288 055 for a no obligation chat.