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Alan Kern

Hello! I’m Kern, and I’m currently 21 and in my junior year at The Master's College as a Biblical Studies student. I eventually want to move on to seminary to enter the ministry.

I became a Christian when I was 17, although I had outwardly professed myself as such since I was a child. I had felt the call of God early on, but I nevertheless continued unabashedly in sin. It was not until my senior year of high school did I inwardly repent and truly give my life to Christ. I now attend Grace Community Church under Pastor John MacArthur, and have been attending for the past two years. I don’t subscribe to a specific denomination, but I do hold to many of the Reformed doctrines as they, to me, most accurately describe the truths contained in Scripture.

I currently serve in the U.S. Army and California National Guard as a Petroleum Supply Specialist.

I enjoy and take interest in many things from sports and history to graphic design and science, but above all in Christ Jesus my Lord, to Whom I have dedicated my Tumblr. As such, enough about me, for He must increase and I must decrease. Soli Deo Gloria—To God alone be the glory!