Alana Fisher

With (probably a little bit misguided) influence by UK television’s Ab Fab, Alana’s early career began in public relations in the fashion industry in the late 90s. After working in PR and marketing communications in fashion and lifestyle, she realised that she wanted to use her experience in other industries as well.

Over the next decade, Alana used her flexible and growing cache of skills to delve into vastly different areas such as computer travel reservation systems, telecommunications, geological sequestration, mineral processing and government (UK).

More recently, Alana was able to converge product and social media/networking as part of the Yahoo!7 Search team where she launched web 2.0 behemoth Yahoo! Answers in Australia and New Zealand, growing the product into Yahoo!7’s largest site in only 2 years and creating an enviable online community of millions.

With equal interest in product management and monetisation, Alana has become an expert in balancing the needs of the user and product team along with those of sales and the business’ commercial requirements – and knowing how marketing fits into the mix. Alana has a genuine passion for all things digital and has an ability to see uses for new technologies that are commercially sound.

Along with recently launching social media channels for the Qantas Socceroos at Football Federation Australia in time for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Alana managed the digital and social media strategy for Australia’s 2022 FIFA World Cup Bid, with 2010 year being the first time bidding nations incorporated social media into their campaigns.

Alana also speaksat large industry events as well as smaller workshops and roundtables, usually on topics such as digital/new media and how areas of branding are rapidly changing in a dynamic environment.

She lives on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, loves football (the round ball kind), adores alfajores and empanadas arabes… and is online all the time!