Alana Mbanza

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Alana Mbanza is a freelance writer who has dreamed of sharing the transformative power of words since childhood.

Her recently released book, Love Sick: Learning to Love and Let Go, takes readers on the most liberating and terrifying journey imaginable - the quest to open their scarred hearts and discover authentic love.

Even more than a writer, Alana strives to be an active agent of creation, choosing to see and create life through the lens of love. She recognizes and illuminates our human responsibility to be authentic and express our inner truth. She believes that all experiences, even “failures,” are meant to help us understand and apply spiritual principles.

In addition to writing articles and poetry, Alana travels the world and explores the coffee shops, bookstores, and cultures of new cities. Wherever she goes, she strives to empower other people to share their personal narratives, and works diligently to create a life of fulfillment.