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Alana McClure

Toronto Ontario, Canada

I AM...

nostalgic; genuine; loyal; honest; tenacious; a mother; a wife.

french toast, flirty dresses, great jeans, fresh manicures, snuggling in bed with my hubby and kids on Sunday morning, fabulous hot coffee and a sensational glass of wine.

-images to make;
-personally - my kids; they make me laugh more than I ever knew I would!
-professionally - a fresh new baby; images where you swear you can smell their perfect baby scent.

-things about photography; the creativity and art of it, the interaction with people, the timelessness, the storytelling.

-thing about maternity and newborn photography; the wonder and amazement of it all; the beauty of a new life; the way bringing a baby into the world makes you feel so excited you think you're about to burst and so scared you want to hold you breath all at the same time.

  • Work
    • Professional Photographer
  • Education
    • UWO, NCTI and on and on and on