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Alana Pechon

I’m a User Experience Consultant and Interface Architect working in the San Francisco Bay Area. I hold a master’s degree from Cal Berkeley’s School of Information (and before you ask, my degree unfortunately is not “Master of Information”, cool as that would be). My primary area of interest is human-computer interaction; to me, that’s where the rubber really meets the road. I also like to play around with programming for the web and mobile applications, but honestly, if you need my help with coding, you’re in trouble. I came to the iSchool from the US Navy, where I worked as an intelligence analyst and Russian translator at the National Security Agency for 4 years. If you’ve ever spent any amount of time interacting with government information systems, you can probably understand how I came to be so passionate about good, usable design. By far, the best part of that whole period was getting to attend DLI, a language school in Monterey. My other great passion is sailing, and I am already planning for the day when I will circumnavigate the world in my own little boat (a Chris White Atlantic 42, in case you were wondering; it’s an amazing design, a truly ocean-worthy catamaran). Please feel free to poke around the site, and hit me up at the contact link if you have an interesting project that needs some UX love. Or if you’d like to go sailing sometime.