Alan Berkson

I've worked with businesses to solve some very complex problems. Start-ups and established businesses. Large and small.

It could be because your business is stuck. It could be because you want to grow, find a new market or improve operations.

Or maybe the world is changing around you and you want to know how you can leverage that change to become even more competitive. To thrive.

I've been told I "bring focus" and "sharpen the pencil."

I do this by asking questions. The end result? Businesses gain insight into their "assets" and unique value proposition. This leads to growth and profitability.

My perspective is diverse. I have been an employee, consultant, solopreneur and business owner. I have provided top-tier service to companies from one-person firms to enterprise-level corporations—across Wall Street, the United Nations and Main Street. With this perspective, I work to demystify complex topics for businesses, with tangible results.

The key? Ask the RIGHT questions.