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Alan Bogard

Portland, Oregon.

Alan has over 20 years’ experience in Talent Management and Travel and Hospitality. He serves as a Recruiting Leader with Apple, Inc.

“Starting my career in Travel and Hospitality taught me the value of customer service. The value of customer service and wanting to help people led me into Recruiting. I strive to set an example of servant leadership and helping people reach their potential while following what they are most passionate about in a career.“
While in travel he worked in Sales for both an airline and travel agencies. Over the last 16 years Alan has worked in both recruiting agencies and spent the majority of time working within corporations of various industries as an individual contributor and recruitment leader. His specialty within Recruiting is in Leadership and Information Technology. Alan enjoys endurance events like triathlons and marathons and being a Husband to his Wife and Father to his Son and Daughter.

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