Alan Cockburn-Smith

Welcome and thank you for visiting the About Me page, devoted to Alan Cockburn Smith. Take a look at this page to learn about Alan’s successful career in finance, his background in filmmaking and the nautical arena and his various hobbies.

Alan Cockburn Smith was born in 1941 as a third generation British South African. One of the first descendants to come to South Africa on his father’s side was Thomas McClelland, who invented one of the most well-known methods for sorting diamonds, the ‘grease table’.

Alan was privately educated in his home country until he left South Africa to complete his final examinations in London. Subsequently, he entered a 4-year apprenticeship at Shell Oil Tankers as a navigator. He later worked for Mobil Oil Tankers, working with ferries, large suction dredgers, and other vessels throughout continental Europe, Ireland, and the UK.

After his career took him all over the world, Alan took courses in filmmaking, which sparked a new career in the field. In the late 1960s, he started a business producing films related to shipping as well as other documentaries. He then acquired the international conference and exhibition business, Conference Management Limited. The company eventually expanded into publishing and travel. During that time, Alan represented clients like Prime Computers, The Orient Express, Rank Xerox, and American Express Card Division.

Alan has been successfully established within the financial sector since the early 90s when he and his colleagues established Banking ConsortiumMos. Most recently, he started a private equity fund in Malta, Equivest Alliance Foundation. In his time in the financial arena, Alan has built a solid understanding of banking, fiscal engineering, and capital structures.

Alan is a strong supporter of myriad charitable entities. For example, he currently serves as a patron for the Bridge Foundation, which is an organisation that works with disadvantaged children in Ghana, West Africa. He is also a member of Farm Africa, which utilises agricultural technology to support undeveloped areas of Central and East Africa. He also remains affiliated with groups such as the Royal Commonwealth Society, the British Unidentified Flying Object Research Association (BUFORA), the Association of Conference Executives, and the Royal Southern Yacht Club.