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Alan Coto

Los Angeles

A quaint southern boy; he was raised in Dallas, TX. This helped this young stallion learn his manners, confidence and obtain that certain air of determination. Moving to Los Angeles was more of a right of passage then a need; he told himself one day, "You need to move on from the satisfying suburb life of North Dallas - and move to the contrasting yet equally satisfying suburb life of North LA". Alan has endured car wrecks, job changes and illness to name a few things - yet he will not quit. His ultimate goal is to become a mainstay in American television and film - maybe even a little print too. He studies regularly at well known LA schools; this includes improv, cold-reading and technique. He works his night job to say, "Hi world - here I am; if I can't be on film right now then I'll entertain you in this dim light with my tacky button-down and tie combination". One day you'll see him in a better light; but for now he holds his head up high - as he fights traffic, ventures to school; all the while enjoying his precious days off before he returns to the harsh reality that is having a day job; and not quite yet the dream (job).

  • Work
    • Actor
  • Education
    • BA