Alan C Thomas

Georgia, Usa

Alan C. Thomas, the author of three books entitled FLASHBACK: Vietnam; FLASHING BACK; and STINGRAY: The Russians Are Listening.

A retired Navy Hospital Corpsman and Vietnam War veteran, Alan C. Thomas explores life-threatening experiences and healing from post-traumatic stress disorder in his memoirs. His work deconstructs real-life traumatic experiences. One of his most notable experiences was his participation alongside Marines in a failed Studies and Observation Group (SOG) mission code-named Sunrise in February 1970. Alan C. Thomas seeks to help people with post-traumatic stress disorder heal through his writing.

After his reserve service and Honorable Discharge, he earned a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Georgia, where he majored in Environmental Health Science.
Alan Thomas was employed at a living history museum in Williamsburg, Virginia serving for two decades and retiring in 2008 as Manager of Environmental Health Programs. Currently, he enjoys promoting his books through his website at; book signing events, where he meets many of his readers, who have also experienced life-altering traumas and have benefited from his writing; and media interviews.

  • Work
    • Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
  • Education
    • University of Georgia