Alan Diamond

Alan Diamond Melbourne FL defense attorney has been the attorney of record in over 11,000 criminal cases. Mr. Diamond graduated from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies. He received his law degree in 1992 from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill College of Law.

Mr. Diamond was an Assistant State Attorney and Felony Division Chief in the 18th Judicial Circuit. He served the 18th Circuit as a prosecutor for more than a decade. He prosecuted all types of cases including; Homicides, Kidnappings, Vehicular Manslaughters, White Collar Crime, Sex Crimes and Child Abuse cases as well as Computer Crimes. Alan Diamond received the Outstanding Trial Attorney of the Year award prior to becoming a felony division chief. Mr. Diamond is a former instructor with the Florida Prosecuting Attorney Association focusing on DUI law and received the 2002 Distinguished Faculty award from the FPAA.

During his career as a criminal attorney in Melbourne Florida, Mr. Diamond has handled numerous cases in both State and Federal Court. Specifically, Mr. Diamond successfully defended NASA Space Shuttle quality assurance specialist who was indicted for 166 counts of fraud involving the Space Shuttle in Federal Court. Alan Diamond has also successfully represented victims of felonies as well as those people seeking injunctions for protection. In addition, he has tried cases of all types, from misdemeanors to homicides in both State and Federal Court. He has significant jury trial experience representing those accused of a myriad of crimes including; rape, DUI, murder, burglary, drug trafficking, sex crimes, computer crimes and others.