Alan Dubelman

Doctor and Psychologist in Aurora, Colorado

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Hi, I’m Alan. I’m a doctor living in Aurora, Colorado. I am a fan of entrepreneurship, fitness, and technology. You can view my portfolio with a click on the button above.

As an avid member of the American Heart Association, Alan D. has become a mentor in courses in regards to advanced pediatric support and cardiac conditions. Additionally, he embarked on his own individual endeavor in the establishment of an all-inclusive spa treatment center located in the heart of Colorado. It was here that he served as the Chief Executive Officer and organization specialist. He assumed an extensive array of responsibilities such as customer service, finance, technological advancements, accounting, network security, inventory, accounts payable, digital photography, content marketing, website development, internal auditing, and interactions with external entities. Equipped with multiple degrees in a variety of fields, Alan is a well-versed scholar with several accomplishments. He served as a leading consultant during 2005, where he advised engineers within the greater Denver region. Following his consulting position, he started a mentor-ship program where he served as a teaching assistant. AD was able to enrich students with great knowledge in areas in finance that seemed vague to some. After getting his foot in the door, he transformed himself into a private instructor for aspiring students wishing to enroll in major academic learning institutions. He was able to help countless students achieve high marks on their designated matriculation exams. He was a man who wore many different hats. Before the millennium, A. Dubelman served as a certified medical practitioner who would later continue on to establish his own practice that provided care to thousands of patients.