Alan Goh


I am a simple guy with a simple mindset who never liked complications. Most people claimed that I looked younger than my age. Probably because I have a smaller build. I am a sociable person that can easily click around with people and easy to adapt to a new environment. I live my happiness in a simple way, which is how I live my life to the fullest. I love to mingle with joy and sorrow though sometimes I do not know how to express myself especially when someone cries in front of me. Probably stare at the person like a piece of wood? LOL. I am someone who never showed any signs of sadness when I am down before. I am a straightforward person. I am a very open-minded person who can start with any scintillating conversation. There are problems within me, which are piling up in my life that some things made me so stressed up. I guess I have a great memory. I am an animal lover. I love animals a lot. I hope to open another S.P.C.A, a huge animal kingdom. But I dont think it will happen it just only my wishful part of my thinking. I guess its too miraculous to happen, but I still hope to fulfill this dream of mine!

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