Alan Gregory


I'm a big kid in a man's body!

I still play with LEGO as you can create something out of a handful of shapes into something that everybody will want to see and it inspires me as much as it did as a child.

A child is full of imagination, creativity, a willingness to learn, will challenge the rules and try to break the mould so I never want to lose that part of me.

I'm an outgoing individual who thrives on the energy of others, I approach things in a way that often sparks debate and always delivers results.

Everyone in this world has something to offer given the chance, "Put yourself in their shoes" a phrase often banded around I do this alot and it's amazing what you learn from them.

So who am I? Depends who you my friends I'm the mate who's always there for them, to my fellow workers I'm the one driving them to make their own decisions and destiny, to my family I'm a partner and a Dad, an embarrassment sometimes, a healthcare assistant the next, a personal trainer when needed, a chauffeur driver, an endless list of experience and opportunity.

I like to think of this as a varied career choice and one where I learn something new everyday thanks to my children and those people around me.

Wow I could be Peter Pan!

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