Alan Haft

Director, Architect, and Consultant in Anaheim, California

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Recognized as a successful entrepreneur with a solid track record in business, Alan Haft has exceptionally built businesses in a variety of business sectors. People who know Alan can attest to his impressive knowledge, expertise and background as a financial advisor. He can handle investments with ease and talent and is always extremely responsive to clients who have known him to get back to them immediately to deliver innovative recommendations couched with both the risks and the rewards. A down-to-earth individual, Mr. Haft is gifted with a fantastic personality that has made him extremely trusted in the industry. He always ensures that he makes the best decisions for his clients’ nest egg and will waste no time and resources just to ensure that he is able to thoroughly work on his clients’ behalf.

Alan Haft is able to share a wealth of information to clients who seek his expertise in financial and asset management. He has been a valued resource speaker at many events including the Junior League of Los Angeles and Orange County. Alan delivers highly informative presentations that are always easy to understand. He provides a vast knowledge on financial information that is genuinely educational, entertaining and informative.

Aside from the financial industry, Alan Haft has also been known in the entertainment industry for his partnership with James Woods in launching Breakheart Films, a film production company right on the back lot of Universal Studios. The firm has produced a variety of film and TV projects in collaboration with Oliver Stone and others. These include Citizen Cohn, which was nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Picture, in addition to winning a cable Ace Award for the same category.