Alan Asgari

Burnaby, BC, Canada

My name is Alan, and I’m a technology enthusiast in the Vancouver, BC, area. I have been building and repairing computers since I was very young, and have been a member of the paid work force since I was 9 years old (don’t ask?).

I am mostly self taught, but have taken courses at BCIT to substantiate (read: prove) my knowledge and skills. I have taken the Cisco Certified Network Associate course and passed with greater than 80%, and I have completed both CompTIA A+ Bench Technician program and Network+ program with a grade of over 90%. My dream job would be a bench technician for a performance PC brand; I love assembling parts into a working machine and pulling the best possible benchmark for each one.

In addition to my interests in computer hardware and networking, I am an amateur web designer; being fully self taught leaves me at a minor disadvantage, but I do some of my best work when challenged. Eventually, I will take the time to code a beautiful tech blog; I'm just far too busy with other projects at this time.

Lets see, what else should I add?? Hmm…

Check out my social media/network profiles below. If you every want to chat, get an opinion on a build or network setup, or are just looking for a smart guy to pass the time, just send me a message; don’t be shy, I will only bite if you want me to~

  • Work
    • Computer Technician
  • Education
    • CCNA
    • CompTIA
    • JIBC