Alan Hedge

Artist in the United States

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I’m an 18 old transguy that likes to cosplay sometimes. This is my first account like this and I’m a little nervous, but I hope people enjoy what I post! I’m trying to feel better about my body and facing it fully and showing it off to others hopefully spreads some positivity about trans bodies and my body type in general, even if it’s a blog about me dressing up as Homestuck characters and doing suggestive things.

On my free time I like drawing, reading, and hanging out with my friends. I'm not the best artist, it's just a hobby, but I like doing it. Cosplay is another hobby of mine, but I usually stick with the easier, more simple cosplays because I'm not that great at making complicated things, I can't really sew, and money. That's why Homestuck is fun to cosplay! At least, with the more simpler outfits.

But yeah, I hope you like what I post, even, like I said, it's just suggestive cosplay shit. Send me an ask or two!!