Alan Hemmings


About me : micro angel investor and hacker
I'm a professional software contractor and work on Agile software projects (as coder, agile-coach, solution architect, project manager, tech lead and occasionally part time as 'outsource CTO') I generally contract for a year or two, until the projects are stabilised and handed over; to raise money that I then invest in startups, sometimes my own.

In the last 20 years I have founded, co-founded or been the CTO for 7 startups across South Africa and England (5 of them tech) some successful, as well as supported and helped many more.

I'm an experienced business person with a background in sales, a solid hands-on coder, hacker, and "introducer". I love connecting and being around smart enthusiastic people with a passion for sharing and learning. Through my company Goblinfactory, I run and sponsor snowcode each year. 25 top developers, hackers & entrepreneurs (developers + snow + party + great learning = snowcode)

I will always make time to meet startup folk over a cup of coffee in Cambridge; if you want to chat about an idea, drop me a mail to arrange to meetup.

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