Alan Herd Kenya

Although it began at an early age, Alan Herd did not wait long to actualize his passion for aviation. He learned to fly by age 18, and in 1955, he received his private pilot’s license. However, the second-generation Kenya native also demonstrated a proclivity for the engineering side of aviation. Two years later, Alan Herd completed the requisites required for his aircraft maintenance license, and he went on to hold several aircraft engineering positions in conjunction to his work as a pilot.

In 1965, Alan Herd decided he wanted to share his love of flight with others. He completed his instructor's license and became a Resident Flying Instructor, educating students on the aviation fundamentals involved with manning a number of different aircrafts, including the Cessna 175, Cessna 182, Piper Cruiser, and DHC1 Chipmunk. In addition, he also assumed the responsibilities of Chief Engineer. He also got married that year, making it a special period for personal as well as professional reasons. Always driven to improve his skills, Alan Herd went on to obtain his Australian Commercial Pilot’s License in 1966. He also completed additional licensing requirements in engineering and flight instruction.

In 1967, he took a position at a Piper dealership in Zambia where he assisted his former boss with the set up of the business, hangar, and workshops. From there, Mr. Herd took a Technical Director position for Kenya Air Charters & Caspair Limited and built a maintenance base from scratch. Alan Herd continued to work as a pilot, flight instructor, and engineer for various companies until the age of 65 when he decided to launch his own aviation business. In 2001, he started an aircraft maintenance company and flying school for small, light aircrafts in Kijipwa Airfield, Vipingo. Over the last decade, Mr. Herd has taken great pleasure in mentoring young pilots and providing training to local apprentice aircraft engineers.