Alan Holmann

São Paulo

My professional profile: Willingness to learn and grow continuously, responsibility, commitment and mainly complicity with the job and the organization, not loyalty to the head, but the company, its values ​​and principles and objectives; Resilience to overcome the difficulties, obstacles, however strong and traumatic that they are; Emotional Intelligence to recognize my own feelings and those of others, as well as the ability to deal with them; Determination to fulfill my desires while respecting others and myself.

My knowledge: knowledge processes of labor issues, such as calculations, understanding and analysis of payroll and their social security contributions and taxation regimes. Calculations and severance conferences and holidays and their proper guides. Use tools like Social Connectivity ICP, Social Connectivity, SEFIP, GPS, Sicalc, ACI, RAIS, DIRF. Contributions of Exemption Payroll and National Simple. Calculations INSS, IRRF and FGTS. Intermediate knowledge of Labour Law and Social Security.

My passion: Acting in labor focusing on the development and implementation of all activities and implementations in order to improve. Driving my projects and digital projects such as websites, platforms and info-products targeted at labor area, with a mission to achieve the maximum possible people seeking expansion of knowledge and professional and personal growth.

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