Alan Ho


I am making a drastic Change in my life now. As a owner of a food trading company for several years, and having not satisfied with my lifestyle. I decide to Change. Changing my lifestyle. I've been to seminars, ( Millionaire Mind Intensive, Guerrilla Business Intensive, Money to the B.A.N.K, Law of Attraction ) to name a few to learn and enhance my inner self and also my belief.

Now, I'm loving myself, enjoying what i am working on, believing i am going towards my desire lifestyle, knowing i can vision and create wealth and abundance.

Knowing i can add values for myself and to many more people.

I am definitely a team player believing in achieving success throught sharing it with the rest of my team members and other people.

I love and enjoy connecting with nice and like-minded people, do find me at my Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Looking forward to meet all the nice willing people around the world.