Alan Howell

I am a...
Supply Chain and Operations management professional, 10+ year IT guru, Management Information Systems wizard, Technology enthusiast, Linux evangelist, News junkie, Elightenment seeker, Knowledge sponge, Perpetual optimist, Political discussion junkie, Husband and Father.

I have been a(an)...
Inventory Control Consultant, Assistant IT Director Intern, IT Project Leader, Business Analyst, Database Administrator, Help Desk Specialist, and Electronics Technician

Strengths Finder
Restorative, Analytical, Deliberative, Learner, Intellection

My education...
University of Texas at Dallas MS in Supply Chain Management. Focused on Inventory Control.

University of Texas at Dallas BS in Management information Systems and Business Administration. Focused on business analystics and business intelligence.

Awards: Deans IMPACT scholarship. Magna Cum Laude.

Student Groups: President of Supply Chain Leadership Council; Career Tracker

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