Alankar Pradhan

Video Game Programmer, Technical Reviewer, and Writer in Pune, India

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I am from Mumbai, India and did my schooling from I.E.S.'s CPV High School. I am an ambitious person who loves interacting with new people,travelling & playing games over PC, mobile. Games have been always a passion in my life. I completed my graduation in BSc Honors in Software Development from Sheffield Hallam University, UK. I am currently pursuing Advance Course in Game Programming (BAC+5 Equivalent) from DSK Supinfogame where I am undertaking industry oriented projects to increase my skill sets. I worked as a Game Programming Intern at The Walt Disney India Pvt Ltd. During my internship I was working on a live project called 'HITOUT HEROES'. My name was added in the credits due to noticeable work accomplished. Currently I am working as Game Programmer at DSK Green Ice Games. D.G.U. (Death God University) PC game which I worked on is available on Steam. Prior to this I worked with DigiTales Communications as Senior Game Programmer/Designer.

I have worked in many projects sharpening my own skills in various languages like C#, C++, Java, Unreal Script, Python, Lua, Groovy/Grails, HTML5/CSS etc. I am familiar with engines like Unity3D, Unreal Engine 4, Visual Studio. Recently, my dissertation work on 'Comparison between Python and Lua in Gaming Industry' got published as a book. Also, I work with Packt Publishing as Technical Reviewer for books on Unity (2 books reviewed) and Unreal Engine 4 (4 books reviewed)

More to this, I even like to write poems and short stories & also have published book named 'The Art Of Lost Words'.

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