Alan Knowsley

Lawyer in Wellington, New Zealand

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As a prominent law firm in the Southern North Island area, Rainey Collins has been in the business of helping a broad range of clients throughout New Zealand for over 95 years. We are a group of family lawyers in Wellington consisting of skilled barristers and solicitors, which makes us knowledgeable in virtually all legal fields.

Alan Knowsley, managing partner at Rainey Collins Lawyers, practises in the litigation and dispute resolution areas with a focus on employment, education, health, insurance and charities. With years of experience as an employment lawyer in Wellington and across New Zealand, Alan is more than capable of representing clients — both employers and employees — and advising them on how to get the most favourable of results.

Apart from Alan’s extensive experience in representing health professionals in various courts and tribunals, he has also held several high-ranking positions and memberships. These includebeing the former president of the Australia New Zealand Education Law Association’s New Zealand Chapter and the Employment Law Institute, to name a few.

Alan has been helping clients throughout New Zealand for more than 95 years. This tradition of quality and humility emphasises that Rainey Collins Lawyers is a top law firm, composed of skilled barristers, solicitors and employment lawyers in Wellington. With lawyers representing nearly every legal field, and significant experience in Acts such as the Construction Contracts and the Public Works Acts, the firm provides litigation and legal representation in the following fields:

• Employment law

• Setting up a family trust

• Commercial law

• Property law

• Family law

• Relationship property

The firm of Wellington lawyers has a total of nine practitioners and two partners, organised into two teams: Business, Property, Personal Legal Services and Maori Legal Issues supervised by Peter Johnston and Litigation headed by Alan Knowsley. In addition to these legal services, the firm provides an effective system of debt collection across New Zealand.

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