Alan Lazaros

Professional Speaker in Massachusetts

Alan Lazaros

Professional Speaker in Massachusetts

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Purpose Statement:

"To inspire, motivate and educate students about what they'll never learn in school, but DESPERATELY need to know."

Inspiration. Motivation. Education.

- Inspiration to get started!

- Motivation to keep going!

- Education to better our best!

"Ignorance and apathy are the enemy. Self-education and caring are the cure."

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Live Talks - Main Topics:

- Academic Advising / Career Development / Lifestyle Design

- Fitness / Nutrition / Holistic Health

- Social Media Marketing / Customer Engagement / Personal Branding

- Entrepreneurship / Leadership & Influence

- Self-development / Personal Growth / Lifelong Learning

- Personal Finance / Financial Freedom / Wealth Creation

- Communication / Interpersonal Skills / Networking

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