Alan Lin

Alan Lin is currently attending his fourth year of university as a Finance student at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University. He's an active member of AIESEC Ryerson and Capital Markets Group.

He worked as an Events Coordinator for SIFE Ryerson where some of the events he has planned include the 2011 25K Slaight Business Business Plan Competition, SIFE Leadership Retreat, and A tribute to John Sleeman event. During his first year of university, he has co-led the SIFE Ryerson team of 35 individuals which had placed 2nd out of 40 teams across Canada at the 2011 ACE National Exposition.

Alan was also the Director of Events and Community Development and an Account Manager for AIESEC Ryerson's business development department. He has led a team of 6 members to host the first corporate breakfast where the companies will learn about the AIESEC organization, its global internship program and its initiatives.

In 2013, Alan planned OARC2013, a conference for AIESECers from the Ontario and Atlantic Region where it will develops the next generation of globally-minded leaders through the global internship program