Alan Lodge

Alan Lodge is a 'Photographic Artist' with a wide variety of interests but has primarily been engaged on projects to document the lives of travellers and those and those attending festivals. He has photographed aspects of the lifestyles of the wide variety of people engaged in 'alternatives' and youths' sub-cultures. Photographing many free and commercial events, 'free party' events ('rave culture'), environment protest, land rights with surrounding social concerns. He aims to present a more positive view of people and communities that are frequently misrepresented. Also, he is noted for covering political actions involving policing operations, especially in relation to surveillance.

His work has been produced for publication, galleries, projections at events and presented at large scale in public space

Since 1980 he has built a photographic archive that has be widely applied by the media and others doing research. Supplied photographs to illustrate articles in The Guardian, Independent, i-D Magazine, Select, Sounds, DJ Mag, New Statesman & Society and the BBC. His photography can also be found online and illustrating many articles networked across the Indymedia independent media platform.

He has contributed to a number of TV films including 'May the Force be with you' and 'Spirit of Albion' for Channel 4. 'An Englishman's' Right', 'Trashed', 'Surveillance Society' and ‘New Age Travellers’ for BBC. Contributed still photography and consulted in making 'Operation Solstice', a film about the police action to prevent the gathering at Stonehenge and the civil action that followed. Has also produces illustrated lectures to educational and other establishments on the surrounding issues.

In 1994, The Victoria and Albert Museum mounted an exhibition titled 'Street Style - Sidewalk to Catwalk;1940 to tomorrow'. He exhibited prints and also advised on matters relating to the travellers lifestyle. His photography informed the base research for this project and assisted with the curation of the show.

A graduate of Nottingham Trent University with a BA degree in Photography, Lodge specialised in issues surrounding representation, presenting himself in print and audio-visual format. Now mid-way through doing an MA in Photography, also at Nottingham Trent University, he has recently been presenting an exhibition of work at the Bonington Gallery there.