Alan Lutz

Boring personal history stuff:

Born Paris Texas 1969

Height 6 feet Weight 190 ( In the morning right out of the shower ;} )

Hobbys : Working out, making money, trying to save money faster than kid and wife can spend it ;}, playing computer games and Xbox with son.

High School in Ohio could not wait to escape the rust bucket state.

College in Colorado --- Much better than the Rust Bucket, met, dated and loved many pretty girls there including my wife. Best looking girls in the world live in Colorado, well at least when I was there. Have 3 kids, 2 from my college days and one with my wife.

Graduated with PHD in Chemical Engineering ( while I am more intelligent than most I am not a total nerd and I am more athletic, better built and in better shape than most teenagers--- and I am totally not vain or stuck on myself.)

No seriously.

Well educated but can't spell, spell checker is life saver when available.

Moved to Houston:

I live rent free in a townhouse that I house sit for my cousin, been doing that for 10 years ;} have saved enough money to retire if I want ;}. I drive a Ultima 4 door sedan but really miss my old loud Mustang 5.0 LX.