Alan Lyes

Hin. I am founding partner and managing director of PH Digital Communications, which is an agency working in online and hybrid visually creative communications solutions within the Health and Pharmaceutical sectors. Current recruiter terminology places me as a Creative Technologist - put simply, I make things. Often using computers, that promote, challenge, engage, educate and inform.

I am a hands-on digital creative and I work everything from static images and print documents, 2D and 3D animations, web sites, web applications, application development, apps and mobile through to social media, AR and virtual worlds. My skills cover both strategic planning and tacal delivery and my experience spans the whole life cycle – from pre-pitch concepts to post delivery support and training.

I am also the joint founder and managing director of Pale Heretic Limited, a boutique agency focused on creative concept development, both digital and analogue, with special interests in social media, games and narrative work.

My interests are art, design, games, cinema, travel and Lego. As Hillel Cooperman put it in his 2010 TED talk entitled Lego for Grownups, I recently came out of the dark ages.