Alan Mackay

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Music, programming, gaming. These three activities make up most of my life here in Victoria, BC.

I'm approaching the completion of my undergraduate degree and look forward to getting out into the industry. I mostly code in Java and am currently learning my way around the Android SDK (Standard Development Kit). The other languages I use the most are C and Python. I try to use open-source software (OSS) when I can, and hope to contribute to some OSS projects in the near future. I use the Ubuntu distribution of Linux for most of my developing, and Windows 10 for gaming and everyday computing.

I have been a member of the Greater Victoria Police Pipe Band drum corps for a year now and have been drumming for a decade, in various styles from jazz to concert percussion. I was previously the drum corporal in the Terrace Pipes and Drums Society until I moved away (Terrace is my home town). I enjoy pipe band drumming very much as it consistently challenges my abilities and forces me to improve, and it is an excellent way to connect with my Scottish heritage. Guitar and piano are also in my instrumental arsenal, though do not occupy as much of my time.

I enjoy board and video games equally. I have assumed the roll of Dungeon Master for a campaign of Dungeons & Dragons (5th edition) for a few of my friends. It is challenging and taxing on the imagination but very satisfying at the same time. I turn to video games for a simpler experience while also providing social interaction with my friends, who all live in other cities.

  • Education
    • University of Victoria